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A perfect starting point for casual gamers who want to get the most out of their gaming experience. Get basic gaming insights and tips, access to a limited number of evaluations and regular updates on the latest games.

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For serious gamers looking to up their game, the Pro membership offers expert evaluations, personalized recommendations, and access to Pro-level tutorials and guides. Get all the benefits of the Air membership and more, including regular tips and tricks, personalized feedback on your game performance, and exclusive discounts.

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The ultimate gaming experience, exclusively for dedicated and serious gamers. With the Max membership, you'll get all the benefits of the Pro membership, plus premium content and perks, early access to new games, and personalized coaching from top gaming experts. Get the most out of your gaming experience with the GameAdvisor Max membership.

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  Air Pro Max
Basic gaming insights and recommendations
Access to a limited number of evaluations and tips
Regular updates on the latest games
Regular updates on the latest games
Exclusive discounts on selected games
Access to Air-level tutorials and guides
Early access to Air-level events
Expert evaluations and personalized recommendations
Regular tips and tricks to improve your gaming skills
Personalized game recommendations based on your preferences and playstyle
Priority support from the GameAdvisor community
Exclusive discounts on selected games and gaming accessories
Early access to Pro-level events
Access to Pro-level tutorials and guides
Regular webinars with gaming experts
Personalized feedback on your game performance
Premium gaming experience with exclusive content and perks
Invitations to premium gaming events and tournaments
Early access to new games before their official release
Personalized coaching from top gaming experts
Priority support and assistance from the GameAdvisor team
Exclusive discounts on gaming hardware and accessories
Access to Max-level tutorials and guides
Advanced webinars and training sessions
Priority access to limited-edition gaming merchandise
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Lilianna Bocouse

Lilianna Bocouse

Junior player

“I've been using GameAdvisor for a few months now and it has completely transformed my gaming experience. With expert evaluations, personalized recommendations, and access to top-level tutorials and guides, I feel like a pro in no time. The community is amazing, and I love being a part of it. I highly recommend GameAdvisor to any serious gamer looking to up their game.”

Darell Steward

Darell Steward

Project Manager

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Annette Black

Annette Black

Lead Designer

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Ralph Edwards

Ralph Edwards

CEO, Co-Founder

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Jane Cooper

Jane Cooper

Strategic Advisor

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Albert Flores

Albert Flores

Business Analyst

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